Fluellen is a captain of the English army under King Harry in King Henry V. He is a Welshman. In scene 3.3 of the play, Fluellen is introduced and right away establishes his temper and accent! In this particular scene, his role seems to be to give the audience some insight as to the “warfare” oart of the play 9one of its essential themes) and expose the small factions and fights between nationalities (Scot, Welsh, Irish, etc.) that could become a major source of contention, but do not. He also gives the audience some comic relief with his extreme accent and bobmastic character qualities. He almost gets into it with MacMorris, but he shows restraint and calmness when necessary. His dramatic function in the play as a whole seems to be to add comedy and diversity to the play, as well as allowing some explanation for the audience as to what is going on in the war, and to give them a different perspective, from a higher ranking officer in the army, than just King Harry’s view. Thematically, he reinforces the idea of King Harry’s ability to command respect of and unify various peoples from various nationalities. He also provides some contrast to King Harry’s character and temperament, allowing audiences to better understand both characters. Fluellen is both lovable and laughable, and arrg, a better man you’ll not be seein’ too soon, lass!


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