Project Shakespeare

This blog is about all things Shakespeare. It is a way for me to synthesize information about Shakespeare that I may learn in class, on my own research, or from others. I will also be posting my own ideas or interpretations of various Shakespearian works, characters, symbols, ideas, you get the point. My posts will be highly opinionated (I am an English major, after all), I will have much ado about nothing sometimes, I will not say enough at other times, and I am sure that I will be way off  in left field most of the time. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained. (That is not a Shakespeare quote, by the way.) Hopefully I will have the will to accomplish the tasks…this is, after all, a world of will.

One thing I can guarantee, you will never regret engaging with the words of Shakespeare yourself. Maybe this is your first encounter with the Bard’s works, or maybe it is your fiftieth. Whatever the number, there is always something to be gained from reading the works of Mr. William Shakespeare. So come join in my adventure, and explore the world of Will!


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